A Cool Contemporary Custom Kitchen

This modern style kitchen brings warmth through the muted Alder wood grain.

Created in a gray tone stain slab doors and stainless steel accents give this open style kitchen a
contemporary flair. This 22’ long x 11’ wide area gives ample room for an island and bar.

Custom kitchen features include:

  • Water glass panel doors and open counter area makes for a great buffet
  • 14” deep upper cabinets allow for larger dinner plates and platter storage
  • Wide drawers and pull outs give ample storage space for just about anything
  • Appliance garage with angled front allows easy counter access
  • Flush mount pantry cabinets with microwave oven and pull-out cutting board
  • Large glass pendants lend the area to an industrial feel
  • Each side of the range houses an oil/spice pull-out with 3 trays
  • Raised island cabinet with steel counter supports to avoid corbels

Remember when designing, with cool colors allowing the wood grain to shine through will help soften
the feel of the room. Grande Wood Designs can help you soften those colors and add warmth to any