Custom Kitchens

Grande Wood Designs is a full-service Designer, Manufacturer, Retailer and C-6 Contractor that is licensed to Install our Products into your Home.


Kitchen Evolution

The Kitchen designs of the past were based on the Triangle approach. This is where the sink, refrigerator and range were placed in a triangular position to the other allowing for a single user access to each appliance within a single step. But today we use our kitchens as a gathering place where most of the time 2 or more people come together to not only prepare a meal but also share the events of the day.

Today’s designs embrace larger space with zones creating areas for prepping, cooking, baking, cleaning and even eating and socializing.

At Grande Wood Designs we understand that the kitchen is much more than a place to cook food. It’s the hub of the home and place for people and families to come together

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